Bitumen & Asphalt Testing Lab Equipment

S M Engineering Works provides wide array of modular Bitumen Testing Equipment to accomplish these needs. S M Engineering Works Geotechnical testing equipment includes We Supplied comprehensive range of bitumen testing equipment, Asphalt testing instruments comprises of Ductility testing machine, Rolling thin film oven, Core Drilling machine, Ductility Testing Apparatus, Bitumen penetrometer, Bitumen/Centrifuge Extractor – Hand Operated, Bitumen/Centrifuge Extractor – Motorized, Kinematic viscosity bath, Standard Penetrometer, Marshall stability test apparatus, Automatic marshal compactor, water bath for penetration test etc.

S M Engineering Works, we are among the top Bitumen & Asphalt Testing Lab Equipment Manufacturers in India. Our Bitumen Testing Equipment we produce and sell are used from the perspective of engineering, to construct roads, highways, and real estate development among other things. Being among the most desired Bitumen & Asphalt Testing Lab Equipment Suppliers on the marketplace our customers are located all over the world.

Benefits of Bitumen and Asphalt Testing Lab Equipments

Ductility testing machine

While constructing any type of road or roof, the test for ductility of bitumen is done as this test is among the essentials that need to be done. In simple terms, the ductility of bitumen is the extent to which the bitumen can expand before breaking. A simple example of the ductility test is that which can be done by hand to a rubber band. Testing is by measuring the length to which the rubber band can stretch or expand when pulled before it reaches the point of breaking. The ductility test for bitumen also involves measuring the distance till which the bitumen elongates (in cm). Good quality bitumen will pass the test by elongating more than 50 centimeters.

SMEW is the one of the best manufacturers of the ductility testing machine used for various purposes like construction of roads, waterproofing, roofing and other applications.

Bitumen Centrifuge Extractor Machine

The amount of bitumen present decides the ability to prevent pavement deformation and raveling. Finding the accurate amount of bitumen percentage present in the overall mixture is a challenge for many constructors. We provide the best solution for this through our Bitumen Centrifuge Extractor for such measurement. After the bitumen is mixed with a solvent, the bitumen alone is extracted by centrifugal action, by the centrifugal machine. This machine comes in two variants – hand operated and motorized.

Asphalt is obtained through petroleum distillation after calculating its viscosity. Measuring viscosity gives an idea of how much heat or temperature the bitumen can withstand. Bitumen and asphalt softens when exposed to high temperatures and hardens when exposed to cold or freezing temperatures.

Why choose SMEW for acquiring Bitumen and Asphalt Testing Lab Equipment


We charge minimum cost for shipping the manufactured equipment. By choosing SMEW, you can cut down on the logistics costs.


Our relationship with our clients is quite good and we get to know their asphalt testing equipment needs properly. We give importance to their specifications and make the business process seamless, hence making our clients highly satisfied.

Proper Validation

We pay attention to the products must fit to the specifications and standards set. As per the Indian government regulations, we verify and validate the bitumen and asphalt testing laboratory equipments to check if they are safe enough for market distribution.

Best manufacturers

  • We select and recruit the best staff having multiple skills for handling bitumen and asphalt equipments. Our staff is extra careful and ensures proper attention while dealing with heavy machinery.
  • Our workers are expected to adhere to manufacturing procedures and rules, as per the instructions and training. As accuracy and speed are things that are given priority during the manufacturing process.
  • We use our own ideations, troubleshooting, and solve manufacturing issues if they arrive. We make the best use of the service of supporting managers and technical engineers. We ensure machine faults do not lead to a halt in the manufacturing process.
  • SMEW is one of the top manufacturers of bitumen and asphalt testing lab equipment serving various institutions in India. We manufacture numerous types of bitumen and asphalt testing laboratory equipments.