Concrete Testing Lab Equipments

Our concrete testing lab equipments help construction builders to ensure maximum strength development under the ideal temperature and moisture conditions. We have different kind of concrete testing equipments varying from automatic, manual or semi-automatic depending on your specific requirements. SMEW being the best manufacturer of concrete lab testing equipments allows examining concrete cubes, cylinders and blocks to assure en and other international standards. S M Engineering Works Geotechnical testing equipment includes We Supplied modular and mobile NDT Testing instruments such as Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Meter, Concrete Cover Meter, Concrete Test Hammer, Cement Testing Instruments, Cement Testing Equipment, Non-Destructive Testing Equipment, NDT Testing Equipment etc.

S M Engineering Works provide a wide range of top quality and the latest international standard test equipment and equipment to test in concrete equipment for testing in labs or concrete testing equipment cement, soil bitumen aggregate, equipment for rock testing, and laboratory equipment for testing in steel various types of equipment and accessories at affordable prices and prompt delivery.